Every Day’s Different: Press kit

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Game Name: Every Day’s Different
Developer: Snowfall Studio
Release Date: TBD
Platforms: PC/Mac
Price: Free Demo, Full game TBD
Availability: Digital Download
Language: English Text / English Speech
Demo Download: https://wintermits.itch.io/everydaysdifferent
Contact: studiosnowfall@gmail.com
Social Media Links:
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snowfallstudio/every-days-different
Twitter: twitter.com/snowfallstudio
Itch.io: https://wintermits.itch.io/
Discord: https://discord.gg/mVEnjjU

Four Heroines to fall in love with, each with a distinct personalty and variety of outfits.
Build relationships naturally and change the outcome of the story with your choices
Cell phone feature that allows you to text your favorite characters and set up dates for the weekend
Fully voiced in english (if funded)
HD artwork - 1920x1080 screen resolution

Demo Features:
Fully voice acted
3 CG’s
Demonstrates how the cell phone feature works
Hints towards character plot points

"Every Day's Different" is an English voiced visual novel that focuses on slice of life with a more realistic depth. It ranges from romance to heavy topics such as eating disorders and self-worth. The people around you will either benefit or suffer due to your actions, so please choose carefully. 

 Welcome to Okoshin Academy, one of the few pre-college academies created with the intention of preparing high school graduates for the hardships ahead of them. 

Unfortunately, your parents' messy divorce has just been finalized. You've Decided to live with your mother, forcing you to relocate halfway through the year. Making new friends while keeping your grades up seems impossible, but with the help of a long-lost friend—and a little luck—you may just be okay. 

With four wonderful ladies to get to know, each with their own flaws, secrets and desires. Your choices within the game will either help or hinder them - will you go the extra mile to help them achieve their dreams?     

Back us today to ensure your accept your enrollment at Okoshin Academy!

Spending all your free time with one of the characters will help you grow a strong connection with them, but may hurt your other friendships in the process. Will you branch out to help as many people as you can? Or will you focus on one and grow close to them?  

Each weekend you will have the opportunity to set up a date or activity with one character of your choice. Keep in mind there's only so many weekends 'till school's over. Think of the dates as a mini-game: if it goes smoothly, you gain affection points. If you say the wrong thing or ask the wrong questions, this could also change the course of your story.  

Creator/lead artist: Jesse North (wintermits)
Programmer: Scizza
Music: Ayato Sound Create
Background Art: Minikle
Voice Talents:
Yoko Teramoto Voiced by: Aimee Smith
Yuika Osaki Voiced by: Essieo
Katsuki Shiro Voiced by: Lucy Brie
Haru Takano Voiced by: LittleMissNerdi
Ms. Usami Voiced by: Minh Ton
Mr. Arakawa Voiced by: Joshua Waters
Trailer by: Soraya

Trailer Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YDv-kLglyfGF70secWc5gwiaM_P4_4Jn/view